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Book Bracelet’s are great for any kind of a book regardless of size. You can use them for reading books, journals, cookbooks, schoolbooks, agendas … the possibilities are endless!

Not only do they faithfully serve the purpose of saving the page in the book you are reading, they are meaningful, inspirational and provide good energy to the reader.

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Book Bracelet Styles

Book Bracelets With Beads And Charms
Book Bracelets With Beads And Words
Book Bracelets With Beads

Tasha’s Blog

Book Bracelets With Beads And Words 6

The Evolution Of Book Bracelets

Where did the idea of Book Bracelets come from? My book mark was a 2 year old airline boarding pass and it would continually fall out of my book so I didn’t know what page I … [Read More...]

Creative Book Bracelet Ideas

Dress Up A Gift With A Book Bracelet

Other Creative Ways To Use Book Bracelets

Asides from using book bracelets to save the page in a book, they can be used in so many other ways.  Here are a few other creative ways to use book bracelets. Dress Up … [Read More...]

Inspirational Videos

Elizabeth Gilbert On Creativity!

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