The Evolution Of Book Bracelets

Where did the idea of Book Bracelets come from?

My book mark was a 2 year old airline boarding pass and it would continually fall out of my book so I didn’t know what page I last left off at. I wanted something I could use that wouldn’t fall out. I had seen other styles of book marks and decided to make my own. The first one I made with ribbon and wooden beads. It took awhile to figure it out but eventually, I made one that worked and it didn’t fall out of my book!

Although it did the job, it was plain. I was determined to make it nicer and more meaningful which is how the idea grew for me to make them with inspirational words, messages, and charms. This is how they are truly unique. Not only do they faithfully serve the purpose of saving the page in the book you are reading, they are meaningful, inspirational and provide good energy to the reader.

How my hobby has expanded into a part time business…

Finding the words and messages and making the book bracelets has been alot of fun for me. In the summer of 2010, I ended up selling them at many outdoor markets in Victoria.   I was making them nonstop… because they were selling! I could barely keep up. It’s funny how when you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work tho!! Over the summer, I was approached by a few stores that were interested in selling them. This is when I realized I should start getting them into stores throughout Canada and make an online store so people all over the world can enjoy them!

Over the holiday season that year, I sold at numerous Christmas fairs and was very busy with custom orders. I received orders by email from France, the US, and many from within Canada. The custom orders were mostly from previous buyers who had bought at one of the markets in Victoria, and people who had seen someone they knew who had one of my book bracelets.

Within the first year, I sold about 3000 book bracelets and had them selling in 13 stores, galleries and boutiques in Canada. I intend on expanding into many more and envision having people all over the world using my book bracelets.

Why I am passionate about what I do?

I enjoy making the book bracelets and looking for new inspirational messages and beads, but most of all I enjoy when I hear stories from people who are buying my book bracelets as a gift for someone and from those who receive them as a gift. People tell me how they are being given to someone who is across the world, someone who means a lot to them, someone celebrating a special occasion, and even to someone who is ill or going through a troubled time. I have also heard stories from people who have received them as a gift. Some have even gone on to share their own personal stories with me and why that specific word, message or charm means so much to them. I have had tears hearing some of these stories. One of the recent gift-shops that started selling my book bracelets is through the BC Cancer Society. I feel incredibly blessed that I can make and give something that I know will be in the hands of those who need inspiration and hope.

The inspirational messages on the book bracelets are empowering and will bring you good energy. Although they may not change your life, I’ll bet they will lift your spirits and I know they will bring light into your life!


Share it forward!


Free to be me,

Tasha Temple
Book Bracelets Creator and Designer

“Life is a gift, but you have to give it to yourself”

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